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Naam Pat
Datum 20-07-2016 03:26:16

Buicks forever

Naam John
Datum 29-07-2006 13:35:35

Great site! Always been a Buick man. Also love raccoons. A better car was never built! Get this, I work for a company called "Bandit", Our company logo is a Raccoon!

Naam Jeffrey Brown
Datum 02-02-2006 04:24:41


Great webpage I recently returned to the states from Germany. It is wonderful to see someone in Europe invest their time and talent into restoring American cars. I especialy enjoyed all the pictures and how you can follow the progress. I wish you years of enjoyment with your cars. I still miss driving my Alfa Romeo down the German Autobahn

Jeff Brown

Naam Rick Williams
Datum 24-07-2004 05:15:21

cool i forgot how bad being near salt water is on cars an trucks my dad was in the air force we got to go to europ & all over asia went to highschool in Okanawa Now part of Japan in 72. I have a 56 buick 69 skylark cov 53 3100 Chevy sub 350 /350 cruse air con airride . Most of the time I dont need nokerloose to get frame parts off .Ill think of you when im welding in a rust hole you have my respeck wachyourknucklels

Naam John Micallef
Datum 22-05-2004 19:46:11

Very cool website. Thanks to my son Matthew I managed to start restoration on my father's Chevy Biscayne 1961. Actually I am giving the job to profetioanals, but I am very pleased with the job. Just finished paint in the original color which was very hard to find. The best of the job is facing hard herdils and manage to come over. Should you be interested I will send photos of work in progress.
This summer my son will start restoring a Subaru J10, to start practicing on cars can you give him some suggestions. He is actually crazy about restoring cars.
Keep it up

John & Matthew

Naam Amuat
Datum 26-04-2004 11:27:29


Moi qui pensait que les Skylark finissaient toutes à la poubelle et que j'étais malade de garder ce genre d'engin. Le travail accomplis sur la buick est fantastique !

ca m'a donné envie de la restaurer au petit poil dans quelques années. Je vais rapidement donner l'adresse de votre site à des copains qui possèdent aussi ce type de voitures.


Naam Ben Bruns
Datum 03-04-2004 00:11:54

Mooie side kan ik een hoop informatie afhalen voor het inelkaar zetten van mijn blazer.
Zelf ben ik iets verder met restaureren maar omdat ik een ander blok heb komt vrijwel geen slangetje meer overeen met hoe het zat (kan ik mooi bij jou ff spieken.
verder heb ik exact de zelfde problemen gehad kwa plaat werk en heb ook een 2 de gekocht om het spul weer naar een knappe te maken. als je nog wat zoekt heb ik het misschien nog wel.

roetjes Ben

Naam marcelino
Datum 02-04-2004 20:01:22

hallo alain je hebt dat site van jou goed in mekaar gestoken doe zo verder,ik hoop voor jou dat je nog veel goede reacties zal bij krijgen van andere mensen proficiat en veel geluk verder

Naam Brad
Datum 29-11-2003 19:36:26

Cool site. Spent 2.5 years in Germany. Was impressed with the following U.S. built cars have over there. Did alot of welding myself there, getting vehicles to pass TUV inspection. Good luck and have fun.

Naam Hanneke & Hajo
Datum 02-11-2003 19:42:04

Great site on car restoration, we enjoyed looking through all the pictures and remarks!

I recently traded my Jeep Cherokee for a 1980 2WD Chevy Blazer K5. Your pictures encourage us in taking up repairs of this one. The engine looks good, rear axe needs replacemnet in a while.
But all those rust spots! And the bad paintwork... And that green-blue metelic color we do not like.

Since browsing your website, Hanneke definitly wants to do a paintjob on this car: '70 choclate brown like the Buick Skylark and Silverado on your site. Maybe a two-tone.

So great site, hope to see more pics in the future!

Hanneke & Hajo

Naam Charlie
Datum 02-11-2003 19:04:48

Nice website, welcome to MY CHEVY TRUCK. COM

Naam Seyed Mohammad Mo...
Datum 20-10-2003 10:45:40

Dear Sir:
Thank you for wonderfull information by you.
There is some question by me.
1-How can we force Blazer-k5 more powerfull
by engine?
2-Which diesel engine can be replaced
instead of gasoline engine for Blazer-k5?

Naam Brian Scollick
Datum 03-10-2003 21:27:46

Interested in the K5 is it available. Nothing like the golden oldies!

Naam Daniel Anderson
Datum 28-09-2003 15:32:06

I see you have (or had) 2 cars of interest to me: The Impala and the Starfire. My first car was a 1979 Chevy Monza, 4cyl, 4spd. My second was a 1976 Monza, 305 V8, auto. That car ended up with a 350 out of a 1971 Chevy Kingswood wagon our family had for 10 years (another set of memories) that I built up for it. Then I bought a 1976 Impala 9-pass. wagon for winter use. I found out the hard way that the stock Monza chassis really wasn't built to handle the weight and torque of a healthy V8. So the 350 wound up in another car, then another, giving me 10 years of service altogether before I let it go (after getting married - my 350 gave me more years than the marriage did). To make a long story short, the engine, the cars, and the wife, are all history. At least my interests now lie in the right place - Some day I hope to have some choice old Chevys in my possession. I'll have better luck bringing them back to life than resurrecting my failed marriage (no interst there).

Naam Donn
Datum 10-09-2003 04:56:01

I just picked up a 76 Skylark and its in need of similar work that you did on the Your Skylark, Great job, but I would like to see the final picture of the whole car....I hope I can get as much done as you have....

Again, Great Job.

Naam swede
Datum 29-08-2003 22:06:53

well!nice going thats kind a like my opinion man!

Naam Eric
Datum 14-08-2003 20:28:57

Cool homepage I was surprised to see that you´re from Belgium. I´m originally from the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg so we are kinda neighbors

I got some US cars myself and think you did a great job restoring your cars.


Naam Rodney Beauchamp
Datum 15-05-2003 07:52:40

it makes me want to get moving on my 64 Buick Skylark sports coupe. I had let it go for 5 years and now are moving on it again. I really enjoyed your humor and captions were great.

64 Skylark sports coupe

Naam Quik
Datum 04-05-2003 22:13:21

Oopps "Like many others I have been in a rutt." Sorry for the spelling mistakes.


Naam Quik
Datum 04-05-2003 22:08:15

Like many other if have been in a rutt, with plenty to do and no motivation. I believe your site has given me the "Fire in the Belly" that I need to head back out into the garage. Thank U. List of cars and projects.
1st car is a '71 Olds Cutlass 4-door 2bbl 350. 2nd '73 Olds Omega 4bbl 350(winter beater). Next a '75 Buik Regal daily driver v6 Now waiting for BBC transplant. I have everything just need time.
'86 Chevy S-10 blazer bought it for the frame and 4x4 parts. I sand blasted and stretched frame 10.5in. Painted black too. Now it's ready for the Omega body. a 4x4 Omega .
'86 Mustang 5-speed awaiting '98 explorer motor, have parts, just need time.
'91 Mustang 5-speed had hood and fender damage. I replaced the parts, now awaiting new coat of paint. Just need time.
'92 Chevy Corvette 6-speed just picked up in Jan. from Tampa FL. Needs nothing. What fun
'88 Olds Cutlass Ciera Daily driver sad shape but still runs.

BEST PART OF ALL: I still have them ALL.


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