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Name bill c.
Date 2003-04-07 02:38:30

great work !!

Name Walter Hendrikx....
Date 2003-02-09 22:00:11

OH GEE !!!! , What a side ! , ALAN YOUR GREAT !Thank you for your e-mail about the spare -parts i needed for my Buick Skyhawk 3.3 V6 '79 You really give me the power to begin with the restauration of my gold baby!. And one million x thanks for the help you offer me (about questions of my car). There are not a lot of people who will do that , and you're a verry bussy man!. I bought the car in Heerlen (the Netherlands), for a few bucks on Saterday 8 February 2003. You're right , not many are left ,but I will take care of it!, because I love the shape of this beautty. I've seen your pictures of the Starfire , and know what I can expect with the restauration. It's gonna be a hard job for me,(and my wallit)but the car deserved it !. My Englisch is not verry well , so I hope you can read everything I wrote!. Your pall:Wally.

Comment by De Roo Alain

thats my aim man! give other people the courage to get to work again when they are a bit down. and hell I used several sites to get me going again when I was down.
I do expect a full photo coverage on the restauration of your car of course!

And don't worry about the wallet to much as you will find out its pretty resonable to do such a car.
Take care dude! and you know where to reach me!

Name Sword King
Date 2003-01-29 01:30:15

I loved the little trip through your world. I thought I had it good, but I've decided "you've got too much time on your hands". How can you do all that good work since 1996, and put up the website and spend time in chatrooms and forums?!! Oh yeah, and work once in a while too? You have a good life, my friend, keep on livin' it. I hope Mrs. Roadmouse continues to appreciate it.

Name Patrick Wittermans
Date 2003-01-23 17:52:32

Leuke pagina, ik zie het als ik problemen krijg met met restuaratie dan kan ik jou wel meelen.

Ga zo door !!

Groeten Patrick uit groningen

Name philippe bonny
Date 2002-12-28 19:27:01

waar kan ik zowel 2de hands als nieuwe onderdelen vinden voor mijn blazer k5 v8 uit '79. bv ruit (voor en achter).

Name Marc
Date 2002-12-19 21:25:41


Name daniel
Date 2002-11-08 03:01:07

cool site i like how you take detail in the motor i do the same but do not have my buick(63) back together yet when i do though i will send ya a pic my 63 is in showand shine under old bucket see ya and thanks for making the site i enjoyed it keep up the good work

Comment by De Roo Alain

looking forward to see the pictures!
I have looked at your ride in the show and shine great car great potential!
keep in touch!

Name Crowsoul
Date 2002-11-03 14:03:44

Hey alain! Hier een vriend van Natalie.
Ik ben op zoek achter een Plymouth '57/'58
Belvedere/Fury motor kleur en staat niet belangrijk! Mocht je er 1tje tegen komen
zet dan iets in mijn gastboek of zeg het tegen Natalie! Alvast bedankt! En tot nog es he

Name Elam
Date 2002-10-18 01:39:44

Hey mouse looks good. Are there any cars made in your country? I was just wandering.

Comment by De Roo Alain

Hey Elam!
we have assembly plants for almost all,GM,Honda,Volvo etc. I just wish the real Belgian car manufacturers like FN where still here, I wonder what the models would look like now.

Name Dan (drmcd)
Date 2002-10-17 19:55:42

Wow! I'm totally jealous of all the space in your garage, roadmouse. And the black Impala is sweet! I've never seen an Impala of that vintage with a kph speedometer. Whoa... I just blew half my lunch hour here! Later!


Comment by De Roo Alain

If I would tell you how much I pay for the place you would freak, its that cheap!
See you later!

Name Al (6PIN)
Date 2002-10-17 18:59:01

Alain, great job on the website! Your restoration work reminds me of an old saying: "It ain't what you do, it's the way how you do it". The bodywork you do is to such a high standard, it would make a GM engineer blush with envy. I am sure that with the care you take, panels on your cars fit better than when they were installed in Flint or Detroit. Hope the Duster and Impala turn out just as well. All the best.

Comment by De Roo Alain

You bett your sweet little a** they will turn out as good as the rest!
And thats no idle promise!
You just wait and see!

Name Thad Bell
Date 2002-10-17 13:52:24

Hey Man! I signed in; now what do I do?
Hey all of you other GMForum readers, you've seen 'em; but I've touched 'em!(be jealous, be verrrry jealous! nah nah na nah nahh!) Keep stopping by because I am going to try to help Alain make his site even cooler.
Yep!, he's got "a heard", and it ain't easy keeping 'em going in this neck of the woods! Gas here is $4.00 a Gallon(although it comes out of the same dirt as US Gas?)so it requires a real commitment to keep this stuff going!(You don't even want to hear what tires cost!)
Alain's 'honey' is a real Dale Jarett nut, so alert him to any Dale Jarett/NASCAR websites.
BTW the "Blues Mobile" is too cool. Just moving through traffic in Gent, you see the locals "getting out of it's way" and some running for cover! It's got 'big' in places the local cars don't even have!
C'ya soon!,

Comment by De Roo Alain

Having fun here he Thad?
Guess what my "honey" is working on, yep her own website! so hold on to you hat getleman!
Imagine two car nuts working on a site! this site won't be cool! this site will rock!
See ya soon, real soon!

Name OldsLUVER
Date 2002-10-17 06:30:04

What's up ROADMOUSE....

Comment by De Roo Alain

Hey OldsLUVER! now do you still consider to sell your Starfire?
or are you going to rebuild it?

Name Xavier (CUTLASSKI...
Date 2002-10-17 06:09:19

Hey nice website.You got some cool looking cars too.I love that Starfire and the hood on the Buick just looks real good.

Comment by De Roo Alain

Thanks man!
People tend to love "the little one" I have to admit my wife has a taste for good looking cars.
(And she lets me drive it now and then)

Name Alan
Date 2002-10-17 03:32:50

Dang Roadmouse, what did you do, corner the market on American cars in Belgium? Seriously though, sweet reconstruction on that Starfire. Man I miss mine. One of the two best cars I ever had was my Bright Blue Metallic 79 Starfire. The 4-cylinder engine wasn't fast, but in 79 it got 35 mpg. Hey, I like the site too. Looks real nice.

Comment by De Roo Alain

They are nice little cars he
wait until that V6 is in it! Thats going to be one little rocket!

Name Bob (6T6 Dart)
Date 2002-10-17 02:48:42

You have done wonderful work on a fine collection of cars. Keep up the good work.

Comment by De Roo Alain


Name Reed
Date 2002-10-17 00:51:04

Hi Alain! I just had to cruise on by and check out your website. Nice collection of cars you have there! Looking good!


P.S. You MUST put up a picture of the t-shirt when you get it too!

Comment by De Roo Alain

I will put a pic of the shirt up thats a promise the whole world can see now!

Name Jebster
Date 2002-10-17 00:38:53

Sup. Some nice cars you got there! See ya.

Comment by De Roo Alain

Jeez! you have a whole town to live in! I only have one house! :p
See ya later on the net Jebster, nice of you to pay a visit

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